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Noise And Vibration Control Engineering: Principles And Applications - Review 'Some things get better with age, e.g. women, wine and pea soup. This is also true here. Each new book in this 'series' of books started by Leo Beranek in 1960 and continued with help from Istvan Ver has gotten better. They all maintain a depth that is not available in many of the other books available on noise control. This book has a excellent balance of practical and therefore useful guidelines and theoretical modeling with equations and data to support and permit easy extension of the guidelines to most of the situations faced by noise control engineers. In general, one will not be buried in math that does not lead to meaningful help for noise control engineers looking for solutions to real problems. Anyone serious about noise control should have this book available, even if you are like me and have the other three proceeding books in this 'series'.' (Noise Control Engineering Journal, July/August 2008) Read more From the Back Cover AUTHORITATIVE GUIDANCE FOR CONTROLLING NOISE AND VIBRATION In today's competitive marketplace, noise and vibration control have become very important in the design of many products, from automobiles to aircraft to consumer appliances. Providing broad coverage of both principles and applications that engineers and designers must know, Noise and Vibration Control Engineering: Principles and Applications, Second Edition is a complete resource of critical noise control design information in one concise and manageable volume. Presenting the latest information on commonly found noise and vibration problems, this Second Edition has been thoroughly updated and reviewed by Istv?n V?r and Leo Beranek, who compiled new as well as fully revised chapters on the latest developments in the field, written by some of the top acoustic engineers and scientists in the world. New material covers: Noise generation HVAC systems Active noise and vibration control Sound absorbing materials and structures Outdoor noise propagation Criteria for noise control in buildings Passive silencers Acoustical standards And much more! Read more See all Editorial Reviews


Noise and Vibration Control Engineering: Principles and Applications